Белая птица

I haven't written in LJ for a long time. However, I feel compelled to write something in tribute of one of the LJ users nymphochka who is no longer with us here on earth. These past few days there was a strong feeling of interconnectness among all of Ira's friends and people who just merely heard of the tragic events of Ira's death in Nepal on her 30th birthday on her way to base camp at Mt. Everest...
There is so much to say about Ira and her story that's very hard to put in few words as it's tragic but also magical in many ways. Currently, her parents are in Nepal trying to return her body for a burial in US but due to Nepalese lack of infastructure this process is going take over 10 days. Meanwhile, as we are here waiting for her physical body, we are connecting with her pure soul that is flying over the mountains of Himalayas that she had so much longing for, and now finally there at home. We are identifying with Ira as she touched in each of us something very raw and deep inside. We have a bit of Ira in our hearts, her dreams, frustrations, sadness, love, happiness, etc etc. As I am rereading her posts and poems, I smile. Ira was feeling and seeing life in a spiritual way, beyond just this reality. She saw "an ocean of more with the time to absorb it all and the power to create a universal hug so strong that no one will ever again curse the rain"...
Besides her expressions in those profound and beautiful poems, she loved dancing. I was lucky to share some of these dancing experiences with her. In one of her posts, Irisha writes about Shpongle concert:

"I could not stop moving, everything was crystal clear but the people around me blurred... I could not understand a single word, but I could read every motion. I felt so safe there, with others who could not stop. There was so much positive energy, it coiled around the corners and they spun it back out to us like cotton candy at a carnival. I still don't know why or how I left, but I felt so much love there... for life, for myself, for everyone... I'll keep moving, i'll keep moving, under the gliding lights of someone's fireflies, everywhere there is balance and openness and a day is here, one has gone, one will come and who's to say which one we're in now, my love...I'll keep moving and you keep moving and we'll watch each other turn into light..."

Вороны (Белая птица) was her favorite song by DDT. It embodies Ira and her beautiful spirit that's now free.

Свеча догорела, упало кадило.
Земля, застонав, превращалась в могилу.
Я бросилась в небо за легкой синицей,
Теперь я на воле, я - Белая Птица.

Взлетев на прощанье, кружась над родными,
Смеялась я, горя их не понимая.
Мы встретимся вскоре, но будем иными.
Есть вечная воля, зовет меня стая....

Irisha, we'll keep moving and watch each other turn into light...RIP!


Одной женщине приснилось, что она вошла в только что открывшийся магазин и с удивлением обнаружила за прилавком самого Бога.
- Чем Ты здесь торгуешь?
- Всем, что пожелает твое сердце, - ответил Бог.
С трудом веря в происходящее, женщина решила попросить то, о чем только может мечтать человек.
- Хочу спокойствия ума, любви, счастья; хочу быть мудрой и ничего не бояться, - сказала она.
Подумав немного, она продолжила:
- И не только для меня одной, но и для всех людей на земле.
Бог улыбнулся:
- Ты Меня неправильно поняла, дорогая. Мы продаем здесь не фрукты. Мы продаем здесь только семена.
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